Do you know anybody who would love the eVscope as much as you do? From July, 15th until December, 31th 2020, you will be able to offer a 300€ discount to your friends, while receiving at the same time 300 Unistellar credits, that you will be able to spend on exclusive gifts, like a second eVscope or spectacular astronomy tours.

If you have purchased an eVscope and even if you are still waiting to receive it, you will be able to take part and share this offer with your friends.

Some of the rewards that you will be able to acquire with Unistellar credits:

Number of Unistellar Credits Reward
300 credits
(1 successful referral)
a Unistellar Backpack
600 credits
(2 successful referrals)
a Pelicase 1615 aircase
1,500 credits
(5 successful referrals)
1000€ coupon on an astro travel or any astro-related activity you might like.
3,000 credits
(10 successful referrals)
an eVscope
4,000 credits and up
(14 successful referrals or more)
any trip from Sirius travel, l'AFA, Astronomische Reisen on par value with your cumulated credits.
8,000 credits and up
(27 successful referrals or more)
any trip from Sky & Telescope on par value with your cumulated credits.

Educators’ referral: when referring an educative center such as a university, museum, school, or an educator from one of these centers, the referrer will get a 100 credits bonus and the referee will get a Unistellar Backpack on top of the 300€ discount.

The trips

Eclipse in Argentina, Northern Lights in Iceland, Patagonia, Easter Island, Australia

From 4,000 credits upward, you will be able to choose from a wide selection of exciting astronomy trips spanning all 6 continents. Embark for an eclipse tour in Argentina, witness northern lights in Iceland or participate in a one of a kind astronomy trip in Italy … the destination will be yours to choose, but don’t forget to send us a postcard!

To enter more than one friend’s details on the form, simply click on the [+] button in the form.

Terms and conditions:

The Unistellar credits will remain valid until December 31st 2021.

Referral programs such as this one are build on unilateral good faith and trust. We reserve the right not to grant a discount to the referee or credits to referrer if we believe that either party is not acting in good faith or in the best interest of the program, our company or our brand.

Discounts and credits will only be available for purchases done directly on our website.

We love our community and while we do not expect this to be the case, here are a few of the things that are not OK to do in order to promote the program or your referrer code:

  • Online or off-line advertising
  • Using a software or a script to automatically post the referral link on multiple websites
  • Spam, including but not limited to: forum spam, YouTube comments spam, blog comment spam, social media comment spam, etc.
  • Unsolicited emails
  • Anything that could be misleading, annoying or otherwise damaging to our company or brand
  • Paying or offering incentives (other than the ones included in the program) for use of your referrer link


Things that are OK to do in order to promote the referral program:

  • Using word of mouth
  • Creating useful content on your blog, social media platforms or video sharing platforms and mentioning the program
  • Sharing the referral link on social media websites (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • Mentioning the program on any-topic informational or astronomy-specific websites (if it is within the terms of service of those websites)

Product delivery:The delivery date of the products ordered under this referral program is the date stated on our website at the time of the order. For instance, For instance, today November 1st, the delivery date is December 2020..

Product returns: Like any customer, your referee can return his eVscope up to 14 calendar days after reception (subject to our terms and conditions). For this reason if you book a reward it will be confirmed 15 days after your referee has been delivered.